😵‍What is the “complex sight value❓

😵‍What is the “complex sight value❓

You might have heard of people being shortsighted, long-sighted, and having astigmatism. However, “complex sight value” might be new for you. Apparently, most people who wear glasses face this problem even though they are unaware of it .

💫Complex sight value affects eye focus because of astigmatism, different astigmatic axis, smaller pupils, and obvious differences of value. Therefore,  wearing glasses does not resolve the problem and makes the user uncomfortable, have eye fatigue or tear up after wearing the glasses for a while.

🟢To solve the complex sight value problem,  you need not only an eye examination   but also a deliberate visual acuity test. A specific lens is necessary to enhance your vision at every distance and to prevent eye problems in the future.

👓To give you #ClearVision, Supparerk Vision Center is ready to carry out an eye examination and provide you with new glasses made by our expert oculist and optometry team.


Supparerk Vision Center wishes you #ClearVision

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