Supparerk Vision Center is pleased to offer you eye tests using the latest

Supparerk Vision Center is pleased to offer you eye tests using the latest technology at affordable prices so that you can have clearer vision.

! 👀

Here are 5 reasons why customers choose Supparerk Vision Center for their new glasses.


We use the most advanced technology from Germany, France, and Japan to examine your eyes to get to the root cause of any problems you are having. We also have the best machines for making glasses.


Our eye experts welcome you to Supparerk Vision Center! The oculist and optometry team have over ten years’ experience. They will give you advice tailored to your needs.


Bored with the same old-fashioned frame? Come and see us! 👓🕶

At Supparerk Vision Center, many patterns and types of frames are available from more than 400 brands . Be stylish and confident. We will never disappoint you.

Supparerk Vision Center is next to Huai Kwang MRT (Ganesh Side).

There is  convenient parking in front of the shop. 🚗🚈

Supparerk Vision Center always

helps those who are less able to pay. After deducting expenses, the income we get from your business goes to help those in need. You are part of this charitable endeavour!


Add LINE or call the staff for more information. 🙏❤️

YOUR VISION: GO BEYOND Supparerk Vision Center wishes you #ClearVision

Having the eye test and get the new glasses by the expert oculist and optometry team.

🚇Convenient to go. Next to Huai Kwang MRT Exit 4(Ganesh Side)

🚗Park in front of the shop.

For more information:

🤳: 082-419-6549

👉🏻Add LINE:



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