To some, glasses are a kind of tool

To some, glasses are a kind of tool,  with only one pair of glasses enough for all activities.

This is not wrong. However, Supparerk Vision Center recommends you have glasses for every activity . Glasses for one activity might not be the best for another and might cause eye problems.

Let’s check out your current glasses to see if they are good enough

1) Prevent blue light – Everyone can wear this type of glasses. Most are equipped with blueblock lenses to block blue light from electronic devices. However, they are not good for outdoor activities, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

2) Outdoor activities – Glasses are considered an accessory. Polarized or auto lenses are used because they match many activities. However, they might compromise on color identification.

3) For beauty purposes – Most use sunglasses or fashionable glasses with a filter to prevent light and reduce reflection. However, it might not be helpful for vision.

4) For clearer vision – If you do not frequently use electronic devices, Multi-coated lenses are appropriate because they filter light and give clear vision. However, it is not good for outdoor use as it cannot filter blue light effectively.

Each type of lens has different properties and limitations. You should consider your personal use to get the most suitable glasses. Supparerk Vision Center is your best advisor to advise you to choose the best glasses.#clear vision.


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