Want new glasses? Book your place.📌

Want new glasses? Book your place.📌

During the COVID-19 pandemic, “Supparerk Vision Center” has

strict measures in place which we closely follow for the safety of customers and staff. Please book in advance so as not to waste time waiting.


Simply book via 4 platforms with your name, surname, contact number, and a convenient date and time.

1️⃣ Book via the link:

2️⃣ Inbox Facebook: Supparerk Vision Center

3️⃣ Line:  https://lin.ee/6GV5khT

4️⃣ 🤳: 082-419-6549


Want to have a quality glasses made by the experts? make a booking today 🙂


YOUR VISION: GO BEYOND Supparerk Vision Center wishes you #ClearVision

Have visual acuity test and new glasses by the expert oculist and optometry team.

🚇Convenient to go. Next to Huai Kwang MRT Exit 4(Ganesh Side)

🚗Park in front of the shop.

For more information:

🤳: 082-419-6549

👉🏻Add LINE:  https://lin.ee/6GV5khT

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/tE7SiYQcVFYTDkw19


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