We spend more and more time on electronic devices

We spend more and more time on electronic devices, which can lead to eye problems. One of the symptoms that people have without  knowing it is “astigmatism”, one of the most common eye diseases. One-third of people in the USA have this disease.

What is astigmatism? How do we know we have this problem? Let’s find out the answer.

Cornea and crystalline lenses are in a curved circular shape. The incidence on the retina creates the image we can see. When the curve of the crystalline lens is uneven, it creates faulty vision because of the change of the incidence position. It possibly occurs in short sightedness.

Astigmatism is a problem that is diagnosed by an optometrist. However, you can observe the following symptoms:

1) Have blurred vision or misshapenness

2) Have sore eyes, eye fatigue, and have to stare at something

3) Have problems with night vision

4) Have double vision (in some cases)

If you don’t know whether you have eye problems or not, Supparerk Vision Center offers you an eye test and visual acuity test with special technology.


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