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What are Airwear Protection Lenses? How do they suit you? Supparerk Vision Center will give you the answer. 🕶🤔

Airwear Protection Lenses are made from polycarbonate, the material that is widely used in products such as computers, head lights, and helmets. It is light but strong, so the lenses are clear, without fingerprints, scratches, spray, and dust. Moreover, they 100% prevent UVA and UVB. This is the authentic lens to protect your eyes.

If you have an accident, the glass lenses made from this protective material will not cut your eyes. The strength of this material is 12 times that of traditional lenses. So cool!

🎁 “Supparerk Vision Center” . Has a special offer.

Get new glasses from the following brands:

📌Dior  📌Gucci  📌ic! berlin.

FREE Airwear Protection Lenses 4,800 Baht!!!

Get this worthiness, book it now!!! (Take advantage of this offer! Book now!)


Add LINE or call staff for more information. 🙏❤️

YOUR VISION: GO BEYOND Supparerk Vision Center wishes you #ClearVision

Having the eye test and get the new glasses by the expert oculist and optometry team.

🚇Convenient to go. Next to Huai Kwang MRT Exit 4(Ganesh Side)

🚗Park in front of the shop.

For more information:

🤳: 082-419-6549

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