Some people ask if they should get new glasses

Some people ask if they should get new glasses every two years for optimal eye health even if their existing glasses are still good.

Before you make a decision on that, please consider the following.
1) Even if an object is clear when looking from a short distance, if it is blurred at 6-meters, a visual acuity test is needed to see if new glasses are appropriate.
2) Do you have double vision and get flare when looking at light?
3) Do you experience problems like headaches and eye socket pain after focusing your eyes for a long time, e.g. when working on a computer?

4) Do you always squint to adjust your focus for clearer vision?
5) Is it difficult to adjust your focus, especially when looking at an object at a one-foot distance, due to the deterioration of your eye muscles?

If you have any of the above symptoms, a visual acuity test is needed to assess if new glasses are needed to avoid serious problems developing.
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