Which glasses suit your face shape?

Glasses are not only a tool to resolve visual problems but also an accessory to improve your personality. That is why people give more importance to choosing frames than lenses.

Which glasses suit your face shape? Supparerk Vision Center will guide you to get a suitable style.

1) A square-shaped face: Round, oval, or pear glasses to match with the face shape.

2) An oval-shaped face: Round or oval glasses. Square glasses (square or rectangular) are recommended for the active-looking.

3) A heart or triangular-shaped face: Round glasses to help widen and balance the face. Cat-eye glasses are for the stylish.

4) A round-shaped face: Square or rectangular glasses are recommended to look active. It is the best match for a round-shaped face.

These are only guidelines for choosing glasses. Wear glasses that make you feel confident. Choose not only the design but also appropriate lenses. If you do not know how to choose glasses or lenses, Supparerk Vision Center can give you useful advice.#clear vision.


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